On Advancements in Technology and Binary Options Trading

Advances in computer and web technologies have improved the lives of so many people from all over the world. This is a fact that doesn’t have to be stated. It’s really amazing; in just a span of a decade, so many lives have been changed for the better due to advances in technology. In this post, I am going to talk about one new aspect of the internet that has certainly improved the financial standing of so many people from all over the world: online trading. Just by doing online trading, so many people from all over the world can now gain a great living just spending a few hours a day in front of their computer.

Online trading first appeared in the late 90s, but it only got really popular in the 2000s. Thanks to this particular advancement in technology, so many people who wouldn’t have had jobs now have amazing careers. For one, thousands of “unemployed” people from all over the world now make great profit off binary options trading. Although many people still ask questions such as “is Banc de Binary illegal,” more and more people are now becoming aware that binary options trading is a legal way to earn money.

How does binary options trading work? The first thing people have to do is create binary options trading accounts with a legitimate brokerage such as Banc de Binary. Once they have created an account, they will have to buy options. In order to profit from options, they have to guess whether the prices of the assets they are for are going to go up or down by the time the options expire. By guessing correctly, traders win a fixed amount of profit. Given the relatively simplicity of binary options trading, it’s easy to see why so many people from all over the world love doing it. What’s great is that it actually proves to be a very profitable endeavour for them.

“My name is Liza Hannigan, and I am a stay-at-home mom who happens to be a regular binary options trader. It’s really great how such an advancement in technology has helped me provide for my kids whilst also being fully focused on them. Just over a decade ago, virtually all stay-at-home moms couldn’t make any money. Times have changed though. I know many moms like me who just spend an hour or two a day doing binary options trading but make such a great amount of profit from it. It’s really just amazing,” Hannigan told us.

Hopefully, this post of mine will give people amazing insights as to why it’s important for people to continue supporting the advancement of computer and internet technologies, as well as their democratization. Also, hopefully, this post of mine will give people who want to make great money but are unemployed/underemployed an idea how to do so. By doing binary options trading, anyone can now have a means to earn a great amount of money easily. People just have to have an good internet connection to engage in such an endeavor.

Finding Time To Cook Dinner While Managing My Career: A Balancing Act

As a Linux developer, there’s absolutely no shortage of workload for me in my professional career. I’ve been blessed to have a ton of work to keep me busy and a lot of different projects going on at one time. The issue that I sometimes walk into is how on earth I can balance my busy career with my family life. I have responsibilities and duties as a mother and wife to make sure that my house is in order and that all of my children are fed with nutritious food, and not just junk. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen because making a solid meal takes a lot of time and preparation! Here are some of the steps I’ve taken in order to cut down on the chaos and help me keep up with my daily responsibilities at home in the evening even though I’m hard at work during the day.

Shopping at Local Markets:

I’ve started going to the local grocer’s market and finding readily prepared wholesome meals to feed my family. I’ve had some time to figure out what I can handle and what I cannot, and when I’m in a pinch, I find that these readily prepared meals are an absolute life saver because they are typically made of all natural ingredients.

Investing in Cooking Technology:

Some of my friends have laughed at me when I talk about the products that I’ve seen on TV. With that being said, I’ve done my fair share of research and there are some products that can really make a difference with modern day living. I recently purchased the ninja system, which is a piece of cooking gadgetry that has really come in handy over the last few months. It’s saved me countless hours on almost every type of cooking, from baking meat to cooking gluten free brownies for the kids and my husband. While it’s been a tougher sell to some of my friends on why this particular cooking tool has really helped simplify my life, it’s not a surprise at all to my family who sees the direct results of this product on a daily basis.

Whenever I have an issue with someone not believing me, I just tell them to check out this site and read more about the product details. It’s hard to trust what you see advertised on TV these days, but unlike many other review websites, it provides unbiased product critiques of some of the stuff I have both seen and bought on television.


I recently started telecommuting! This gives me the freedom to leave my day job at a reasonable hour and still make it home in time to hang out with my kids and husband. This has been a crucial step for me in making sure that I have the appropriate time that I really need to make sure that I am completely involved with my family. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point, but my employer has finally agreed to let me do the work from home that I’d normally be working overtime to make happen by the required deadlines.


I’m still at it.

Six months of training and feeling better than ever before. My new found love for getting into shape is doing me the world of good. I’ve lost weight, look and feel fantastic and my coding skills with Linux are now even sharper.

Although I haven’t quite figured it out, somehow exercise helps with your problem solving skills. Seriously, what I’m finding now is that if there’s a problem I can’t seem to crack, I’ll go and do 30 minutes of exercise and I’ll have it sorted.

It’s like getting away from your desk and giving yourself some time and space to think clearly can help. But not only that the more you focus on something like a coding bug, the less you seem to think about how bad your body is feeling.

So obviously, everyone knows that Linux is the best operating system ever, but every now and then it will not behave the way it’s meant to, and when that happens it can mess with your head. So now, instead of spending hours and hours combing the online forums and reading manuals, I’ll throw on a pair of joggers and go for a run.

Funny things happen. So last week it was my birthday and my husband gives me this new toy. He knows how much I’ve been enjoying my new fitness program, and without him saying it, I know he likes what it’s doing for my figure… He actually went to an online sports store and bought it.

Anyway, I open it up and inside there this GPS watch, not your ordinary watch by any means, this is the type that you take out running. I absolutely love it. It is so cool and can do just about anything. I wear it when I’m running and it helps to keep me moving along at a moderate pace. I get to compare with my other runs to see if I’m running faster or slower than before.

It tracks my split times, that is every time I run for one kilometre it goes beep and tells me how long it took me. It even has this really cool feature that when you stop at a set of lights (I don’t run through red pedestrian lights) it goes into auto-pause.

Not only that, when I get home, it simply uploads all my run data to my personal trainer website. It’s like merging my new found love for exercise with my world of technology and it is very, very cool. It actually makes me want to run more.

Now like I was saying, even though it doesn’t run on Linux it is very well put together. Just the thought of my walking out my front door to go for a run and my new technologically sophisticated watch is hooking up with the satellites way up in the atmosphere is pretty cool.

Maybe one day they will come out with a GPS watch that runs on Linux, but until then I’m happy with the one I’ve got.

If your interested in the website where he bought the watch you can check it out here.

Opening Up The Apple Source Code

Hey everyone.

I have had a few people ask me about iPhone jailbreaking in recent weeks and I thought I would update my blog with a post about this topic. It is a lot simpler than many people think and I thought I could post a ‘dummies guide to jailbreaking the Apple iPhone’ so that some of you readers who are not as tech minded as me understand the process.

Jailbreaking itself is actually pretty straightforward and for users of Android devices then you will know what I mean. Rooting Android has been a popular process for quite some time and jailbreaking an Apple iPhone 5 is not much different. Basically you search for ‘jailbreak iPhone 5‘ on Google and┬ápay for a service to do this for you and it opens up the device. Not physically you understand but in terms of the actual code that is used to run the iPhone.

To put it simply jailbreakers will bypass the SoC security on the Apple iPhone and inject a code into the base ROM of the device. This disables many of the security features on the iPhone and allows you to do pretty much whatever you want with it.

Still with me?

So, if you do have your iPhone jailbroken then what does this do for owners of the device and why is it better than a default model?

Well it gives you many more options on the device itself. For example battery life is extended and you can download and install apps and software from the Cydia App Store which is like a bigger and better version of the Apple App Store. Also there are many other benefits such as a cleaner display, more apps and a better all-round device.

People always ask me if I can jailbreak the iPhone for them. My years of experience with Linux sometimes confuse them and they think that because I can code on a Linux device then I can jailbreak an iPhone 5. This isn’t the case and while I understand how to jailbreak and unlock an iPhone (I know the process at least) I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable with actually doing it. I use an iPhone 5 myself and I got a professional service to jailbreak it for me given how reluctant I was to access the source code.

Apple is well aware of jailbreaking and they put in measures to protect against it hence why one mistake from someone who doesn’t know what they are doing could be disastrous.

Anyway, that is how you jailbreak an Apple iPhone 5 and hack into the source code. Hopefully this blog post update has given you a better idea of what jailbreaking and unlocking an iPhone is and how it is achieved.

I tried to keep the language as simple as possible so that all you lovely people can understand what I am talking about. For Apple iPhone owner’s jailbreaking has a lot of potential to really make your device better in the long run so it is definitely a process worth considering.

I’ll update my blog again soon.


Why My Husband Bought a Gun Safe To Protect Our Kids

As the daughter of a police officer, I grew up with guns in the house. It never seemed like a big deal. In fact, it was more of a bore. Every once in a while, my father would see or hear something at work that made him want to remind us to be safe with guns. He would come home and take away some of our free time with a lecture on safety rules, not touching guns unsupervised, and general handling tips. I was so not interested.

As I got older, some of my male friends were curious about guns and would ask me about what my dad had. Some even asked to see the guns. I knew they were kept in a locked drawer but the key was on my father’s key-ring. It was tempting to want to be “cool” but I resisted. I never broke my father’s rules.

Now I’m married and have a son and daughter, both under 4. My husband is a sport shooter who likes hunting and target shooting. He keeps most of his guns in the basement and secured with cable locks but he keeps a pistol in the nightstand in case of a break-in. Not having it locked made me nervous and it was only worse with a couple of very curious kids wandering around. We decided to look for a gun safe.

Finding a gun safe wasn’t a problem. The problem was that we found so many and had no way to compare them or even get a good understanding of the differences. Was a gun locker what we needed or was it too weak? Did we really need a gun safe the size of a refrigerator? And what about something for just a handgun? We didn’t have a huge budget but we wanted to be safe.

One of the “gun wives” told me about this site that has a lot of good information about gun safes. It made understanding the different types of products more simple. I could understand why the prices were so varied and what markets each level of product was meant to serve. They even had more helpful hints specifically around handgun safes that turned out to be exactly what we needed.

We decided to get one of the recommended handgun safes for the bedroom. This attaches to our bed frame with the included cable and keeps it handy while keeping it locked away from any unintended use. The combination code is even easier to operate than it was to get the gun from the drawer. For the long guns, we got a steel gun case that we mounted to a wall stud in the basement. While it isn’t Fort Knox, it does the job and kept us in budget.

People who exercise their right to have firearms are responsible to make sure they are stored safely. I feel very strongly that keeping them locked away is a good solution. My husband and I felt the best option was to buy a quality gun safe to protect our kids.

What You Need To Know About Online Jobs

I’ve have been crazy about computers since I first started using them back when I was a kid, and I can definitely say that computers have certainly come a long way since I first got interested in them. When I was a kid, computer operating systems didn’t have graphical interfaces. Now, people do complex work even on mobile devices. Because of my passion for computers, I started this blog to talk about anything and everything under the sun that’s related to computer technologies. In this post, I am going to talk about how recent advancements in computer and internet technology have enabled people to have fulfilling jobs online. To illustrate my point, I am going to talk about binary options traders.

Binary options trading is a form of online trading that first became popular in the late 2000s. Currently, millions of people from all over the world engage in it on a daily basis. There are many reasons for this, One would be the fact that the binary options trading system is very easy to deal with. After all, unlike other forms of trading, people only have to choose between “calling” or “putting” on an asset when dealing with binary options. Another reason why it’s so popular is the fact that it can be done from the comfort of one’s home, so long as one has a computer. The best part is that one’s computer doesn’t have to have high specs in order to run a binary options trading platform. The typical binary options trading platform doesn’t have to be installed on a computer and just runs on a web browser. Because of this, it goes without saying that binary options trading platforms don’t need advanced videocards and RAM to work.

Of course, the biggest draw of binary options trading is that people can make great money off it easily. This is because most binary options brokerages send “trading signals” to their clients. These trading signals contain vital information on markets, trades, assets, and other related information that prove helpful to traders. Many people who don’t have a solid background in finance can make profitable trades when doing binary options trading, and it’s because they only have to take advantage of the information provided by binary options trading signals to do so.

People should take note, however, that some brokerages give out better signals than others. When it comes to high-quality binary options trading signals, no brokerage beats Banc de Binary. By looking up reviews on banc de binary, you will see that virtually every trader loves working with them, and this is because the brokerage’s trading signals provide comprehensive information that’s always accurate. Through the help of Banc de Binary’s trading signals, people can expect to make profitable trades most of the time.

Binary options trading wouldn’t have been possible without the internet. It’s impossible to do binary options trading through any other medium, and this is because binary options trading relies on a platform that accesses so many markets from all over the world at any time. Whatever the case may be, so many people from all over the world now do binary options trading online for a living, and this is all thanks to advancements in computer and web technologies.

Choosing the Right Socks to Look Like a Stylish Geek

A lot of people display a lack of fashion sense by simply wearing the wrong socks with their clothes. There aren’t a lot of rules to go by when it comes to socks. However, these fashion tips must be adhered to in order for your outfit to look nice. For starters, the type of socks should go with the occasion and the color worn matters when matching with certain clothes. The rules for wearing which kind of socks below will give people a good idea as to what is appropriate to wear for each occasion.

White Socks are for Working Out
One of the most frequently made mistakes is wearing white athletic socks when not exercising. For instance, a clean and fit man that dresses in a matching black suit and dress shoes completely ruins his look by wearing white socks. It looks quite awkward when a person sits down and three inches of bright white socks catches your eye from an otherwise black outfit. White socks are only appropriate when performing physical activities. They look better than black socks when exercising in the gym, playing outdoors, or jogging. Any demanding sports activity where there is lot of sweating going on, white socks are an absolute must, otherwise don’t wear them. Case in point, white socks don’t look good with jeans. Go with black socks in this case. Remember that white athletic socks should only be worn for sporting activities so take that into account next time.

Formal Attire Requires Dress Socks
It doesn’t matter what color they are, athletic socks cannot be paired with dress shoes. Just because socks are dark in color does not make them appropriate with dress shoes. Often times, athletic socks are made from a thicker and heavier cotton that is designed to withstand the wear and tear of intense physical activities. Wearing bulky cheap socks contrast so much with dress shoes and makes them a bad match. There are many types of dress socks out there, even ones that are diabetic dress socks like on this website. Dress socks are soft, smooth, and lightweight. They are easy to wear and a great match for dress shoes. All the attention should focus on your outfit and dress socks should complement them.

Match Socks to the Color of your Pants
The socks that a person chooses to wear should match or complement the color of the pants and not by the color of their shoes. This rule applies to all pants whether they are casual or formal pants. Simple, plain and traditional pant colors like black, brown, blue, or grey require socks with the respective matching color. The tricky part is choosing socks for pants with other shades and textures. You need to try out different pairs to zero in on the right combination. If you are still unsure, going with a darker color is a good fallback.

The main reason for this is that while sitting down or when without shoes, socks are strikingly visible and stand exposed. Socks matching perfectly with pants appear soft and flowing and blend perfectly with the outfit. Mismatched colors cause them to appear out of place and pronounced. Socks play an important role in completing your outfit. A small mistake will make a seemingly perfect outfit look awful and out of place. Spend some time in choosing the right socks for your clothes and get that perfect look.

Beauty Tips for Geeks Like Me!

I have had it said time and again that being geek and sexy do not go together. Yet I love to consider myself as the exact antithesis of this common wisdom. Going by the compliments I get every day from colleagues and acquaintances, I must be doing a pretty good job of it.

You see, I am on the fast lane when it comes to tech and computer gadgetry. Add to this the fact that I am also a “hands-on mother” and you would be forgiven to think that I have little time to spruce myself up. In a way you would be right. Finding time for endless hours in beauty and hair salons just isn’t my thing. But I have found a way to replicate the sort of beauty and anti aging treatments you get in a beauty salon right in the confines of my home.

When I realized that the pressure and harried nature of my job combined with the thousand cares every mother must attend to were wreaking a havoc on my appearance, I knew it was time to act. Fortunately, I was brought up to proactively look for solutions when problems cropped up rather than sitting back and complaining. As I said earlier, I am into computers and looking for solutions online was an obvious choice. The type of DIY beauty treatments I found and began practising have literally transformed my life and rejuvenated my face and skin.

Two of the most effective DIY treatments I use are:

  • Derma rolling
  • High frequency facial therapy

Derma Rolling

When I first came across an online site advocating the use of derma rollers to treat fine lines and wrinkles, I was intrigued but more skeptical than convinced. My despondency was further heightened when I had a look at the nifty device itself. Quite frankly, it looked more like an instrument of torture borrowed from the middle ages than a means to a more youthful, flawless skin!

I began using a derma roller to treat the acne scars on my face at the turn of the decade, just when the devices were getting acceptance in mainstream beauty and cosmetic industry. At first, I did not notice any remarkable changes but I am someone who believes that once I put my hand at something, I have no option but to see it through.

I was rewarded ninety days or so into my treatment regimen when a cousin  commented how my face had improved since we last met. Since the changes are often so gradual and infinitesimal, it can be difficult to detect them on your own even over time. But if you follow through, I can assure you the changes will invariably show.

I have recently discovered that derma rollers are not just good for facial beauty treatment but also good for stretch marks. After my last pregnancy, I was left with a set of unsightly stretch marks on my tummy. After months of derma rolling, they are now barely perceptible! But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can learn more by checking out this detailed review of derma rollers.

High Frequency Facial Therapy

After scouring the net for DIY solution for sagging skin, I was convinced that high frequency facial therapy was the way to go. According to a number of professional experts, the method is much akin to laser therapy albeit at a much much lower cost. All that remained for me was to find a high frequency device that was effective and vouchsafed by expert opinion.

All my research on the web led to one product without a doubt: the Derma Wand. Barely two month into using the Derma Wand, all the skin which had began sagging below the jawline and upper neck area was noticeably tauter. But that is just me. You can find more success stories and derma wand reviews on this blog.

Be the Geek with a Difference

Just because you are a female geek who is savvy with all the tech jargon and gadgetry doesn’t mean you have to let your looks go. By trying out these easy to do beauty treatments, you can rock your world just as I am used to doing!

Beating the Fat Out of My Desk Job as a Linux Developer

As a married mother of 4 and a former software developer, I used to find it really hard to make time to workout. As a result, I had to start really trying to find ways to push myself to find the time to exercise. It became harder and harder for me as my kids got older and my husband wasn’t around to help. I ended up starting to look for any unconventional way I could get myself back into shape after putting on 20 pounds in a 2 year timeframe from my pre baby bearing weight. Here are some of the steps below that I took to whip myself back into shape.


First and foremost, I started taking Garcinia Cambogia. It’s a weight loss supplement that has helped me keep off the stubborn fat that I used to have issues with, and it’s successfully helped boost my metabolism and has kept me extremely lean. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that in order to keep myself ahead of the curve and get into fantastic shape, it takes a little bit more “oomph” than it used to in order to make sure that I stay in shape.

Strength Training

I started strength training to get myself in shape which I’ve never done before. This was a real treat for me as it opened my eyes to the fact that women developing muscles is OK and not a bad thing at all. I used to think that girls that were muscular were gross, but now, after looking at some of the girls that are training me, strong is the new sexy. It’s so great to see girls that can outlift men and perform feats of strength that their husbands cannot. It’s something that I’m really getting into and as you can see by the pictures, it’s starting to payoff.


I’ve been doing cardio, but not as much as I used to. My trainers are kicking my behind in the gym, and forcing me to really put the focus on strength training to make sure that I get where I need to be from a fitness standpoint. Strength training takes so much out of me that I tend to have huge issues when I do cardio now just because my body is so sore and needs to recover. That’s where dieting comes in, which has been the single biggest challenge for me.


Dieting has been something that I’ve always struggled with. Because of that, it was important that on top of taking my new favorite weight loss product (information here), I have forced myself to structure a great paleo diet plan that helps me stick to a low carb, highly efficient fat burning diet. Adding in my supplement routine with my new diet has been extremely effective, and I’ve managed to shed off 10 pounds within a 1 month time frame, which isn’t bad at all and pretty close to what most physicians recommend.

Overall I can say that I’m thrilled with my newfound love for fitness and I’m hopeful this has encouraged you to get out there and get yourself in shape!

Invest Your Superannuation Like a Geek

Like most young Aussies I don’t spend much time thinking about my superannuation. After all, I can’t access the money until I reach retirement age. However, after my last appointment with my financial planner I decided to do some more research. All I really knew about super is that my employer makes compulsory contributions fortnightly (every pay day). I started researching the super laws and government initiatives as well as finding out about super funds and how my money was invested. After digesting all of this information I decided to approach my super like a geek approaches a computing problem.

Find the Details of the Problem
My first problem was finding out more about superannuation, since I had no real idea how it worked. This was the easy part of the process. The hardest part was knowing what to do with all of this new information. The first thing I did was check how my super was performing and how it was invested. I was surprised to find that it was still invested in the default investment option, which was potentially costing me extra retirement savings. After reading this website about the importance of comparing super funds I decided to see how my fund stacked up with the competition. I was shocked to see that my fund performed 2% worse than the top funds and had 5% higher fees. I was even more shocked to discover that I had lost super from a previous job I had worked.

Fixing the Problem
I took some relatively easy steps to fix the problems that I discovered with my super. The first was roll over my super in to one account. I then transferred my super to a fund with much better performance and lower fees. I also tailored the investment option to suit my risk profile and so that my investments would stand a better chance of making long term gains. I wanted a little bit of extra help making the most of super tax advantages so I engaged the services of a financial planner who specialises in super and create a plan for my retirement savings. In addition to this I have decided to make additional contributions into my super fund.

Going Forward
My general plan for moving forward with my superannuation is to give more attention to my super fund. I will be monitoring performance and making changes to my investment options if necessary. I am also investigating the possibility of opening a self managed super fund in the future and investing in the property market (or even commercial property). I am also subscribing to a specialised super magazine to learn more about the industry.

Since taking control of my superannuation I have found that it is actually quite interesting and something I enjoy (it is my money after all). I am no finance geek, but I definitely have more of an interest in this area than I realised. It isn’t going to take me away from tinkering with Linux or coding my next Android app, but it certainly opens up new avenues for my future – and that is exciting!

My Trip to the Computer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas

Computer Electronics Show Las Vegas 2013January is the time of year in which many computer companies are bringing out their latest and best components to prove to the world, why they are the brand to go with. At the Computer Electronics Show this year, held in Las Vegas, the surprises and new innovations there were simply amazing. Many were beyond what most people would expect a computer to do, but I have no doubt that these innovations are going to soon be on the desks of many technical wizards who were simply enamored with what they were seeing. So just what was there to be seen that was really noteworthy?

1. The Chromebook

One of the best features at the CES was the Chromebook, that seemed to far bypass any other computer that was featured. Many big name computer manufacturers such as Toshiba, Dell and HP were showing off their latest Chromebook. The big news was that these Chromebooks seem to be taking the place of regular laptops, as many students are purchasing these types of computers instead due to so many people using Chrome as their Internet option.

2. ZTE Hotspot Projector

One of the more neat inventions seen as the CES was the ZTE Hotspot Projector that basically allows for WI-Fi just about anywhere a person may be, while also dubbing as a charger and a projector. It should make a huge splash in the business world, especially for those who travel for presentations. In addition, students are likely to jump on this product as it can keep them connected virtually anywhere.

Along with computers and other related products at the CES, there are numerous gadgets that are meant to make our lives easier, or perhaps harder for those who do not like technology. The CES was full of those little gadgets that are simply neat. One of the favorites was the “Mother”. These little “Mothers” are wireless Bluetooth computers that basically attach to anything. These can remind someone to take their medication, to drink more water, and basically nag just as a mother would do. Though it may not be useful for anyone, the ability to see what this could do for someone is amazing.

There were several odd innovations at the CES as well. Including speakers that are in the form of a handbag for her, wrist bands that double as speakers, the stereo that is designed as an Egyptian Pharoah, and tons of robots that were for this and that. Even though these were extras that someone may not purchase, it was neat to see the effort and time put into making these audio devices.

Overall, the 2014 CES was intriguing and opened your eyes as to the technology that is going to be entering into the market. Many of the products are going to help improve our daily lives, especially for those who are technology junkies. However, other entries into the CES were simply odd, yet fascinating to look at and interact with. It was definitely a great show and next years CES should be even better.

Some Good Tablet Computers You Should Consider

A stack of tablet computersTablets are becoming the next best thing for a person to have. These small hand held computers are going to be able to do anything that the person would normally do with a computer, yet they take up half the room. In fact, more and more people are carrying these tablets with them as a way to stay connected versus carrying a laptop. With this being said, the number of tablets entering onto the market is astronomical. For those who are considering buying a tablet, they are going to want to ensure that they are only buying the tablets that have received great reviews and are going to hold up to anything that they have to do.

1. The Google Nexus 7

This tablet is one of the best selling ones on the market currently as it is affordable and has many features that other high priced tablets are sporting.

- 16 GB and 32 GB versions available
- HD
- 1920 x 1080 screen
- bigger battery when compared to past versions

2. Apple iPad Air

No tablet collection would be complete without including the Apple iPad Air. This is a bit more pricey than compared to other tablets on the market, but it is an Apple.

- several features like iTunes and the like that are only available on an Apple
- 64 bit memory

3. Sony Xperia Tablet Z

One of the main features of this tablet is the sleek lines and size. It makes it easy to hold. And it is also waterproof which is great for those who may have occasional accidents with their electronics.

4. Dell XPS 10

This tablet can be paired with a keyboard, making it much easier to use as a laptop when the need arises. This utilizes the Windows RT operating system which does allow for a person to use this just as they would their Windows computer.

There are several tablets that will be released in 2014 that people will want to keep an eye on if they are wanting the latest that the tablet world has to offer. These tablets to watch are the Acer Iconia A1-830 which is going to be one of those in the very affordable range in terms of price for those who may be on a budget. The ASUS Memo Pad HD7 is also a budget tablet to keep an eye on as it offers several features that a person may find worthy of the price.

In order to determine what the best tablet is to consider, you need to know what you are going to be using this for. For those who are using this for business purposes they may find that a tablet that costs a bit more and has more functions is a better fit. Yet, those who are using this for social networking, taking pictures or the like will find that a cheaper tablet may fit their needs. The good news is that the world of tablet ranges in prices and there will be one that fits their needs and their budget.

Are Apple Computers Really User Friendly?

Apple LogoWhen most people think of computers, one of the biggest brands that comes to mind is Apple. Most people think that the Apple computer is the main computer that the person will want to have as it is the best on the market. Since it is such a high selling brand, it would make sense to say that this computer must be something that is easy to use, otherwise why would people be interested? The main question that many people are asking is if Apple computers are really as user friendly as people think they are? In order to answer this, a person must realize what the Apple computer offers a user.

Components of Apple

The Apple computers are utilizing the Mac operating system. For those who have never dealt with Mac, it can be hard to get used to it. Most people are dealing with Windows or Linux operating systems, making Mac something of an after thought that they never have used. In this matter, it may make an Apple computer a bit harder to get the hang of. Other than utilizing a different operating system, a person is going to find that the core components of the Apple computer are no different than any other computer that they find on the market.

Working an Apple Computer

The Apple computer is going to be run in the same manner as any other PC that the person may purchase. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

A. The Apple computer is going to cost more
B. It is easier to find applications and the like for computers who are not running the Mac OS.

When you combine in these two aspects, then it would seem that though the Apple computer may be easy to use, it may prove to be difficult when dealing with this on a day to day basis. For example, if a person were to receive a file that the Apple computer could not open, they could spend hours trying to find a program that will run on the Mac OS to do this. Time wasted is usually just as annoying as if the computer were not responsive to what the person is doing.

So is an Apple computer worth your time and money? The answer is really up to you and if you want to sink that much money into a computer that is not running a popular operating system. For many, there is nothing better than their Apple computer. So much so, that Apple has a ton of devoted consumers who will buy any and all products that they put onto the market. Yet, there are just as many consumers who do not want to own an Apple computer as they find it too much to deal with. The best advice would be to test both types of computers and see which one you prefer. This is a personal choice and one that you can really only make after experiencing an Apple computer compared to one of the other major brands on the market.

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