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    Japanese Technology Is Still Unbeaten

    Last summer I decided to take a break and bring my family somewhere we’ve never been before. I only had one place in mind: Japan.

    Japan is one of the most fascinating countries for me. We went there at the time cherry blossoms were blooming so we got to see the beauty of the pink flowers that we only could see on TV or computer screen. I’ve always wanted to visit the temples and shrines and I was not disappointed. We went to Kyoto Prefecture, the home of traditional Japanese culture, including temples. Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Temple, was my favorite one.

    But the thing that fascinated me the most was the incredible technology the Japanese boasts of. From trains to robots, they never fail to surprise. (more…)

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    4 Growing Work-from-Home Jobs

    Surprisingly, an increasing number of people are now inclined towards working from home. The benefits are numerous, and it is for these benefits that people now prefer a cubicle free life. To name a few, Gen X’ers who choose to fulfill their responsibility of looking after their elderly or infants prefer working from home since it allows them to multitask and be flexible with their domestic duties as well as professional responsibilities. Moreover, work from home jobs cut down the additional cost of travelling, unproductive time spent at the office in the middle of coworkers, work related politics and many other relevant issues. Technology has made lives easier and work from home practical. Let’s take a look at 4 growing work-from-home jobs that have the potential of some good financial returns.

    Sales Jobs

    There are many online websites that hire sales executives for marketing their products/services. This may involve personal initiatives in planning and executing sales plans for meeting targets, or following a lead based system for conversions. Online sales jobs have increased since a huge influx of online buyers has developed over the years. To tap into this lucrative market, many businesses hire sales professionals who have the ability of increasing revenues for them. These jobs are largely commission based, only a few large corporations offer a base pay along with commissions to its sales staff hired online.

    Medical Professional Jobs

    The kind of jobs that are offered under this umbrella, are specifically relevant to the degree holders and specialists in the field. Holding experience and on-going certification programs are a plus to be employed at higher than average pay rates. Medical professional jobs have a wide variety of roles that can be performed on a work from home basis, some of the highly demanded roles include medical transcription and editing jobs, medical billing and coding jobs, research and development jobs and mobile nurse support jobs. Check out FlexJobs for the most recent input of required personnel in this job category.

    Writing Jobs

    This is one of the highest recruiting group in the work from home category. Those who have excellent writing and grammatical skills can easily qualify for working as bloggers, content marketers, social media managers, creative writers, ghostwriters and several other job roles. The pay scale of writers is also generally higher than sales jobs or other research and development jobs. Many writers take up multiple assignments to increase the annual income generated through it. Writing jobs are offered by businesses who hire directly, or are offered by agencies who outsource work to global employees. Odesk.com, Freelancer.com and Demand Studios are a few websites that offer some great working opportunities to work from home writers.

    Education Based Jobs

    Virtual schools, colleges and universities have opened doors to several education based jobs that can be done from home. Online tutors who are specialized in their fields or subjects get the chance of teaching a number of students irrespective of geographical location or other barriers. However, from the various work from home jobs, education based can be rated as the most difficult one. For teaching and conveying concepts, it is a challenge for virtual teachers to be able to engage their students and motivate them to study effectively in order to reach educational goals.

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    5 Commands That Should Never Be Run on Linux

    It is common for people to experience trolls on the internet suggesting Linux commands to be run for the purpose of fun. The thing is Linux commands are quite powerful, and they have the tendency to run automatically provided that it does not lead to system crash. Simple understanding of Linux commands would not only increase the knowledge, but will also clarify which commands should be avoided and not run at all. Here’s an easy to understand guide of the 5 commands that should never be run on Linux. (more…)


Japanese Technology Is Still Unbeaten

Last summer I decided to take a break and bring my family somewhere we’ve never been before. I only had one place in mind: Japan.

Japan is one of the most fascinating countries for me. We went there at the time cherry blossoms were blooming so we got to see the beauty of the pink flowers that we only could see on TV or computer screen. I’ve always wanted to visit the temples and shrines and I was not disappointed. We went to Kyoto Prefecture, the home of traditional Japanese culture, including temples. Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Temple, was my favorite one.

But the thing that fascinated me the most was the incredible technology the Japanese boasts of. From trains to robots, they never fail to surprise. (more…)


5 Commands That Should Never Be Run on Linux

It is common for people to experience trolls on the internet suggesting Linux commands to be run for the purpose of fun. The thing is Linux commands are quite powerful, and they have the tendency to run automatically provided that it does not lead to system crash. Simple understanding of Linux commands would not only increase the knowledge, but will also clarify which commands should be avoided and not run at all. Here’s an easy to understand guide of the 5 commands that should never be run on Linux. (more…)

Lucrative Careers in the Technology Field

Regarding job prospects these days, those in the technology field have a clear edge over other jobseekers whose skill sets have different specializations. Programmers, system analysts, computer security specialists and other related jobs are in high demand by employers.

With such rapid development, technology is an industry that is constantly evolving and this has provided numerous career opportunities for qualified professionals. In fact, an online news organization names “software developer” as the job with the highest potential for growth until the year 2020. Additionally, among a list of top ten best entry-level jobs, six are related to technology.

Most careers in technology can be very lucrative, with median salaries of entry-level jobs going as high as fifty to sixty thousand dollars per year. However, not everyone is suited for tech jobs since most of them require high aptitude for mathematics. Also, it may not be the appropriate occupation for someone who prefers the outdoors or loves to stay active while working. Majority of the technology jobs require you to sit for hours on end, analyzing codes and data. I know of a friend who developed health issues by being a programmer. Since she was spending too many hours sitting in front of the computer, she developed varicose veins. Luckily, she was able to find the best remedy for her condition by reading websites like www.veinsplus.com.au for Brisbane varicose vein treatments, and Eterna for varicose vein treatment in Seattle-Tacoma. Thus, in deciding whether a career in technology is right for you, there are other incidental issues to think about in addition to the income you will be earning.

However, if you are really determined to make a mark in the technology industry, you may think about being a software or application developer. This job involves creating, designing, maintaining and testing operating system software and applications that are used by computers and mobile computing devices. An essential skill to possess for this kind of work is programming and a strong knowledge about computer languages. An application developer can earn as much as $96,000 annually and there are more than one hundred thousand job openings expected in this year alone. With such figures, a career in application development looks very promising.

Alternatively, working as an information systems manager can be as rewarding as a developer. A task of an IT manager mainly revolves around directing the activities of a company that are related to information technology. As such, you will be taking charge of the installment and maintenance of computer equipment and other peripherals, as well as the security of files. Labor statistics lists the median salary of information systems managers as $115,000.

If you are technology buff who loves to work with hardware more than software, you can be a computer hardware engineer. This job is related to the development and testing of computer chips and circuit boards. To become a computer engineer, you need a degree in either computer or electrical engineering. Engaging in this highly technical field will enable you to earn as much as $98,000 every year.

If your inclination is towards research and discovering new technologies, you can establish a profession in computer research. Because this field is highly academic and specialized, you will need a doctorate degree and years of experience in a computer-related field. As a research scientist, you will be devising new computer languages or software systems in various technological areas such as robotics or artificial intelligence. For your efforts, you can expect an annual income of more than $100,000.

The technology industry is one area where job openings and salaries are expected to grow in the coming years. If you are technically-inclined and seeking a career that is not only challenging and fulfilling, but also financially rewarding, then a technology job would be a wise choice.

Protecting Your Children Online with Software

I am computer fanatic, it goes without saying. If I was to spend a single day without my laptop, tablet, or Smartphone, I would probably hurt myself. All joking aside, I have embraced technology ever since I got my first PC. I don’t see it as a burden, but rather a tool that helps my everyday life run more smoothly. I’m usually multitasking, doing 5 different things at the same time, so it can get pretty hectic and overwhelming. Helping kids get ready for school, making breakfast, answering calls and emails, helping my husband get ready, and so on. Computers assist me in getting a lot of things done for a fraction of the time.

And it’s not just at home either. One of the things I enjoy the most is to travel and it’s something I try to do as often as possible. Not as often as I used to do when I was single, but still, my husband and I make sure we take a trip every now and then, with or without the kids. Even that aspect of my life is made a lot better with the use of technology. I can book the place where we are going to be staying at, and even pay for it. Ordering plane tickets online is also a breeze. Once we get there, with the help of GPS and maps, we no longer need to play the role of lost tourists, who ask for directions. We can simply find the hotel ourselves, and find out what sights to see while we’re there. In case we are not taking the kids with us, I also make sure that they are safe.

Monitoring Software Apps

While I can’t protect them physically, being hundreds or thousands miles away from them, I can track their online activity, with cell phone monitoring apps that are reviewed on this website: http://www.reflexintl.com. Using spy software programs such as Stealthgenie and MobileSpy allows us to keep a close eye on what our kids are up to online. Make sure you check out the reviews and avoid the scams – unfortunately there are a few around! When I’m at home, I always make sure that they are exposed to the right type of content while browsing the internet. It doesn’t necessarily need to be educational and smart, because, after all, they are still kids and allowed to have a bit of fun, which includes watching stupid stuff online. Just not too much of it, obviously.

But, what I’m worried about is the content that is not appropriate for their age, or anyone’s age for that matter. The apps even allowed me to block the websites they are looking at. They wouldn’t never dare to watch anything inappropriate with us home, but while we are away, you better believe they will try. Just remember yourself when you were a kid. But, since they are kids, they don’t always know what’s best for them, and it is my job, as parent, to step in sometimes and decide on their behalf. I’m just glad that I’m able to, even if I’m not physically present. Now, I’m just waiting for the day when technology will do the laundry instead of me, or cook lunch. Just kidding. Sort of.

Recommended Personal Finance Software for Linux

Many are still having second thoughts in adopting Linux as the operating system for their work or personal computers. One of the reasons for this is the fewer number of available software or applications, especially those dependable ones intended for important needs such as personal finance. It shouldn’t be the case, though, since there are many great personal finance applications or programs for the Linux platform. The following are just a few of them:

GnuCash - The “Gnu” prefix drops the hint that this program is free and for Linux. Gnucash is one feature-rich program that includes stock quotes, functions useful for small businesses, and support for multiple currencies. It is a personal and small business financial accounting software for everyone. It may take some time learning how to make the most of it but it’s not very difficult to learn and use.

KMyMoney - Another free personal finance software, KMyMoney offers a well-organized interface that does not only look great but is also easily navigable. You can quickly access the functions you need through the home page. It even comes with a step-by-step user guide. This program has functions for handling investment accounts and retrieving online stock quotes. It is also liberally configurable. Widgets can be installed with it and it also features a pop-up calculator and date selection calendar.

GFP Personal Finance Manager - This program works well with Linux but is also usable in other operating systems that handles the Java Virtual Machine. Its set of features includes functions for managing savings and checking accounts, credit cards, and budgeting. The interface is quite easy to understand. However, it does not support multiple currencies.

Home Loans Interest Manager - This is a powerful mortgage management program. For those who have home loans with an independent retail financial service provider, for instance, the Home Loans Interest Manager can be a very useful program to use. It comes with the ability to check mortgage records for errors so you can avoid getting overcharged without you realizing it and having the chance to correct the problem. Of course, it also comes with all the basics for the proper management or monitoring of your home loan interest.

Budgeted PC Building: A $500 Gaming Build

I don’t generally enjoy working with Windows. I find the OS a little foreign after a few years of working with my beloved Linux. However I also like playing online games, and as a few of you may already know, Linux doesn’t support that many triple A titles. I didn’t need anything fancy or pricey; I can barely figure out which is the best curling wand whenever I look at hair care products, but I searched for parts anyway. And In my search, I found a lot of unique builds out there, but here’s the one I settled with.

The CPU, Motherboard, and Case

Needless to say, the motherboard and case will set the look of your machine. However, if you’re anything like me, simplicity is just as good as flashy. So, for the case, I went for a mid-tower NZXT Source 210 Elite. Gigabyte’s got some great boards for the Athlon X4 series, but if you’re going for the FX 6 core series, you might have to bump up your budget to 600 dollars just to afford an Asus board. I stuck with the Athlon X4 black editions because I didn’t need that much processing power anyway. My grand total tallied up to 155 dollars.

The Ram and GPU

These two are going to be your workhorses when it comes to playing today’s game lineups. Lately, AMD’s been building steady and powerful GPUs. Instead, I went for the XFX 7870 along with a Team Elite 8GB 1600 ram stick. Together, these pieces cost around 237 dollars. There’s enough power in these pieces for most any game you want.

PSU and Storage

Okay, the bottom line here is that XFX 7870 is going to eat up a lot of power. In PSU terms, a Corsair Builder 430 give you enough juice. You can pick whichever Hard Drive you want, but I prefer the Western Digital 1TB so that I have some extra space. Both should cost you around 100 dollars.

In total, this rig is around $492 depending on which sites you go to. Good luck! Now I have to continue looking around for the best curling iron or another kind of wand for styling hair. I think I’ve spent way too much this month.

Bathroom Blitz

Morning Guys and Gals, Riley here. Are you ready for another peek into my exciting life? Of course you are!  Back in April, I went on a trip to San Jose in California. Sort of a holiday but I combined it with a visit to the Embedded Linux Conference. It’s all about using embedded Linux and – OK, you don’t want to hear about that, you want to hear about the rest of my trip.

Top Class Attractions

We stayed at an amazing hotel called The Fairmont. It was located in Silicon Valley (of course, where else would I stay!) and the amenities were out of this world. My children were made welcome, that’s a big plus in my book these days, and the room was out of this world.  We had an en-suite bathroom, which I took a fancy to straight away, and, since returning home, have used a company called ABL Tile Center for bathroom accessories, to try to replicate what we had there. It worked by the way!

While we were there, we took the kids to the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo and to the Children’s Discovery Museum, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  The evenings were just as much fun as we went to several different restaurants while we were there. We tried Mexican, we tried barbeque, we even tried a British restaurant one night and, in all of them, I had to check out the bathrooms.

Bathroom Blitz

You see, I have this thing about bathrooms. Not just how clean they are but what they look like. I’m always scouting out ideas for mine, forever looking for the perfect bathroom and, in each place we visited, I took away an idea or two.  Back home, back to ABL Tile Center for my bathroom accessories and I have what I consider to be the perfect bathroom.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and we will be going back next year (yes, for the Linux Conference) but to visit a few more places as well.  In the meantime guys, if you want a bathroom like mine, go get your bathroom accessories from ABL Tile Center – you won’t be disappointed, I promise you.

How I Got to Grips With My New Hobby

Hey guys!  Listen up; I’ve got a new hobby! Last week I bought my son a new toy – a small radio controlled helicopter for playing with in the garden. The poor little mite didn’t get a look in!  Once I   got my hands on it and realized how much fun it was, that was it.

Learning the Rules

I gave it back to him – but only after I’d bought myself one!  Only I went for something a little bigger.  A bit of research led me to this informative website full of RC helicopter reviews and helped me decide which one to go for – I’m not telling you which one!

The thing is, it’s much harder to fly a big rc helicopter than it is a toy one and I had a few mishaps. So, I thought I’d better take a few lessons and have just returned from the first one. Want to know what I learnt?  Today was the theory so I’ll let you in what I was told:


Ok, this might seem a tad obvious but where you fly is the most important part. You would be surprised at how many people fly indoor helicopters outside and vice versa! We were told we had to make sure the area had no obstacles in the way, including cats, dogs and people who may – or may not – be paying attention.


I know manuals are boring and I never read them if I don’t have to but for an RC helicopter its pretty vital apparently.  Not only do these manuals tell you what each bit does, they also tell you what all the pretty flashing lights mean. And how to start the helicopter. And how to use the controls. All-important stuff really.

Gently, Gently

Radio control helicopters are quite delicate things really and have to be treated with kid gloves. Of course, accidents will happen but if they are handled correctly, there shouldn’t be much damage. The instructor told us we should start slowly and learn to keep it at a fixed height before trying anything more complex. Only when we have that down to a fine art are we allowed to start actually flying properly.

Crash Landing

It’s going to happen, your helicopter is going to come spiraling out of the sky and hit the ground with a sickening thud.  The instructor said that we have to learn how to recognize when we are going to crash and immediately release the throttle. So, no dive-bombing the dog then. By the way, if you want to know what the best rc helicopter is, take a sneak peek here.

Practice Sometimes Makes Perfect

Practice. I like the sound of that. It means I can legitimately spend all day flying my helicopter around the garden because my instructor told me I had to. That’s going to be my excuse anyway. I will become an ace pilot. I will master the art of flying a radio control helicopter and then I’m going to fix a camera to it.

Aerial photography. That’s my next hobby. What do you think guys?

The Common Uses of Computers and the Internet

In today’s world wherein the use of computers and the Internet is very common, you may be asking why there’s a need to write a topic about their common uses. This is because even though many people own or regularly use a computer, not everyone does. There are those that don’t have one or are just starting to learn about it. This could be helpful to them or to you, if you’re also new to this area. Here are some of the many uses of computers and the Internet.

Create Documents and Presentations

Most computers come with applications that you can use for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentation like Microsoft Office. If it doesn’t come with these programs, you can always have them installed. These are mostly used for work and studies.

Save Files

Aside from the documents you create, you may also save various files in your computer so you can access them anytime you want. These files include pictures, music, videos and movies.

Play Multimedia

Saving multimedia files is not the only thing that you can do. You may also play them on your computer as long as you have a supported media player. Moreover, if you are connected to the Internet, there are sites online where you can view images, watch videos and listen to music like YouTube and Vimeo.


Shopping becomes more convenient as you can do this on the time that’s more convenient for you and anywhere with Internet connection. What can you find online? There’s a wide variety of products and services being offered. Delivery is done on covered areas like Perth. For instance, if you would like to send fresh flowers to someone, a site that offers flower delivery in Perth would be what you need. Yes, you don’t need to go to the local store to have this done as it can be done online.

Socialize and Communicate

Catching up with friends and meeting new people can be done on various social media sites. Communication is also faster, cheaper and more convenient via e-mail, chat and video calls.

You can use the computer without Internet connection, but you would not be able to do things that require you to be online.

The Use of Computers and the Internet in Various Areas

Without a doubt, the computer and the Internet are two of the most important discoveries of all time. Millions of people all over the world use them each day for various reasons including communication, entertainment, work and studies. These two are used in different areas including health and medicine, education, banking and more.

Health and Medicine

With the development of technology, software that are installed on computers are now used in analyzing and diagnosing various kinds of diseases. Moreover, patients and hospital records are saved on the system, which can be easily organized and accessed when needed.


Teachers use computers in creating their presentations and lessons, which they share in the class. Students on the other hand use this in researching, as well as in making their projects and assignments.


Customer accounts are saved on computers, which are updated in every transaction. There are also banks that offer online banking that let clients check their accounts, as well as transact online. For instance, if your bank offers this feature, you don’t have to go to your local bank to check your balance, make some payments or money transfers, as these can be done on a computer that has an Internet connection.


People in the entertainment industry like musicians, artists and producers use the computer in creating their songs, movies and various projects. They also do their promotion online and connect with their fans. Anyone who has a computer and Internet connection may also play games, listen to music and watch videos like the ones played on sites like YouTube.


Most businesses nowadays use computers, which are often used for record keeping, file sharing and more. Some companies have even adopted a paperless system. Well, it’s not entirely paperless as some papers may still be used for other areas, though not very often. Files are saved online or on the computer instead of the traditional printed documents that are kept on filing folders and cabinet.

These are just some of the areas in which computers and the Internet are used. Users also purchase products and services online including insurance. For instance, if you need working visa health cover that would help pay for hospitalization, you may get a quote online. This is convenient as you can make your comparison at the time that’s convenient for you and anywhere with Internet connectivity.

Even Geeks Need Clean Houses

When you’re an IT professional and a wife and mother, there’s only so much that you can do in a 24-hour day. Between work, kids and making sure that everyone gets at least three square meals a day, managing a household can be a daunting task. I wish house chores were as easy to manage as my six monitor computer set up, but that is farthest from the truth.

My reality is take away food on some nights, pizza delivery on others and a treat of a tasty home-cooked meal whenever my schedule permits. Laundry is delivered to the cleaners or a friendly corner laundromat that’s open 24 hours a day. I don’t do this run without a laptop in my hands and my mobile phone which I use to check emails. I appreciate the fact that laundry comes back folded and sorted and all I have to do is put them back in their respective cabinets.

At the end of the day, I put away toys and straighten the sofa and I can make the beds in the morning. However, this is as far as my cleaning powers can go. When it comes to cleaning the entire house, vacuuming, dusting, wiping kitchen counters and scrubbing tubs and toilets, I would rather leave those in the hands of professionals from companies offering house cleaning services. It was a fellow Mom who referred me to the wonders of professional cleaning. There came a point when the house was so disorganized and cluttered and I nearly broke down crying from sheer exhaustion.

Geeks need clean houses too. It’s comforting to come home after a long day and see your house clean and with no dirty dishes at the sink. I was pleasantly surprised that it did not cost an arm and a leg to have my house cleaned inside out. I went online to check house cleaning rates and thought to myself that they weren’t so bad. In fact, they’re pretty affordable, all things considered. They come in quietly and leave after everything is clean. I have given them strict instructions though not to touch anything on the computer table just in case there are uploads or downloads on going.

Tips on Being a Computer Literate Parent

In the past, when the older generation would view computers as something that would corrupt the minds of young ones, nobody really wanted to point out that their general fear towards new technology was born out of their lack of capacity to change with a world that was just beginning to technologically evolve. However, with computer technology advancing at such a fast pace nowadays, this fear has gradually eroded because suddenly everyone is adapting to it by learning a new set of skills to use it – young or old. So with this new and vast world to explore in the realm of computers, how can parents today help their children out in utilizing an invention that is constantly moving forward?

The answer, of course, is being a technologically-savvy and computer literate parent. As a married mother and a Linux geek, you might think that it is an easy job for me to relate to my children because of my interest and knowledge in computers. However, it goes beyond relating to them in terms of knowing how to start a computer and the parts of the computer. You also need to know how to comfortably, productively, and efficiently use a computer so that you can guide, assist, or show your children what it means to harness the power of this technology as they use it in home or at school. Here are a few basics that I think will help you relate to your child's rapidly expanding digital world as a parent:

Know How to Use Computer Applications

Among all of the computer applications, the most practical to learn how to use is word processing and spreadsheets because both can be used for work, personal, or school purposes. Word processing is one of the oldest uses of computers since the 1990s, and it is useful because it allows for spell checking, text and image customization, and lay-outing of documents among other things. On the other hand, spreadsheets became popular since the 1980s because it allows you to analyze quantitative data on screen because of the many formulas, references, and macros it has. Knowing how to use these applications is a life skill that you and your children can use everywhere.

Use Search Engines Effectively

As a powerful research tool, it goes beyond providing information for a project at school or an assignment at work. You can easily learn the basics of searching words, images, articles, literature, maps, etc. with this using its special search functions. For example, if your daughter needs a curling iron for a special occasion and you are interested in finding the best curling iron, you can end up here with the help of a search engine. Or if you want to take it further and want to know the difference between a curling wand vs. curling iron, this site would probably end up on your screen in a matter of minutes. The results are endless, and you can connect to your children by sharing what you know about search engines while having tons of information at the tip of your fingertips.

Good Working Habits for People with Technical Jobs

It is said that in order to have a successful career, a person should study very well for his chosen field. Technical jobs are one of the most in-demand positions these days, which resulted in the increasing number of technical institutions that offer study programs and short courses. Computers are always associated with technical jobs. Computers serve as aids to technical workers in doing their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Everyone has their own working habit. There are some that prefer working while their favorite music is playing, some prefer working at night and some people want a quiet environment. These habits are more likely preferred by home-based employees. Since they are working in the comfort of their home, they have all the control in terms of working environment, workstation, and sometimes even working hours. Working habits may sound silly for some people, but in reality, they are used in setting a productive mood.

If there are positive working habits, of course there are also some that give negative effects. Here are some good working habits that are recommended for technical workers:

  • Use music to set up your mood. But right after inspiration strikes, often it is time to shut the music off to gain your focus. In case that you are working together with other people in one room and you have no control of the music they play, purchasing ear plugs is recommended. Check this website to see a selection of great ear plugs that come in different shapes, sizes and colours.
  • Caffeine may help for keeping yourself awake, but too much caffeine is not that helpful. It will only make your insulin levels spike, crash and produce fats. The best thing that will keep your energy up is a balanced meal.
  • Eating lunch while working on your tasks may sound like multi-tasking, but actually it is not. Your focus is getting divided on your food and your work, which leads to less productivity.
  • If you are working at home, do not work in bed. Reserve your bed as a comfortable space where you can relax after working hours. Working in bed may result to sudden change of mood, inviting you to rest even if there are still a lot of tasks still to be done.

Most technical jobs require concentration, which is why eliminating things that could possibly distract you is necessary. The working habits mentioned above are based on research, but of course, your working preference is much more important than these suggestions.

My Wedding Day Experience

My Wedding Experience

My wedding day was absolutely magical. I will describe it in as much detail as possible, so that my experience can hopefully provide insight on such a special event. It was seventy-two degrees outside, breezy and wonderfully warm. The sun shone brightly in the sky like a yellow diamond, and a few butterflies did a beautiful winged danced that brought a smile to the face of my guests. Speaking of guests, me and my groom, decided to invite exactly one hundred and one people of both friends/family. The wedding was to take place outside, beneath the light blue and white sky. I was excited and nervous (common feelings for a bride on her wedding day). Our wedding was the day I have been looking forward to my entire life. As a toddler, I had dreams of walking down the aisle and giving my vows for eternal commitment to the one that I love dearly.

As I walked down the aisle I thought my mind would be racing, but it was calm. I smiled showing all my teeth, and it made me flutter inside anticipating the happiness in store for me as a soon to be wedded woman. My husband and I dated for 4 years before we both knew deep in our hearts that our companionship was officially meant to be. I remember walking by Aunt Sue, who was dressed in a lovely gray silk suit. She winked at me, and without missing a beat, I winked back. My arm was wrapped around my father’s arm, and he whispered, “A good day to get married,” which I agreed with. My husband kissed my hand when we got to the end of the aisle, and we exchanged our vows. It was beautiful, and it felt like my dreams came true as everything was unfolding in real time.

During the dinner portion of our ceremony, it was time to eat my favorite dessert in the world: wedding cake. We had brought a white strawberry four- tier wedding cake decorated with strawberry buttercream. Eatable roses decorated the sides of the wedding cake, and at the top. I and my husband needed simple wedding cake ideas, so we scoured the internet, read books, and read wedding cake magazines to generate ideas. We eventually bought the wedding cake online because the one we found was a favorite of both of ours. It was a strawberry cake. We chose strawberry as a cake, because not only taste good, but it’s very pretty as well. I would definitely recommend visiting weddingcakesite.com for ideas such as: western wedding cakes pictures, real tree camo cake, zombie wedding cake ideas, etsy rustic wedding; it’s all there. In terms of the budget, the cake turned out to be about $100 more dollars than other cakes we have considered, but since the design was so carefully crafted, we felt that the cake was worth the $550 price tag.

The wedding was fun and I would not change a thing. We had a band with a lead female singer that sung songs from all the greats like Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughn, Rosemary Clooney, Blossom Dearie, and Ella Fitzgerald. We had a choice between steak, chicken, and shrimp and lobster with mashed potatoes and vegetables at the wedding reception. My dress was divine. It was a mermaid style white wedding dress with lace edgings and adorable embellishments. The groom was handsome and very much in love with the bride. It was a day I would never forget for as long as I live.